SPOUSE OR PARTNER VISA FOR AUSTRALIA A spouse visa can be applied by a spouse or a de facto partner, or a fiancĂ©e/fiancĂ© of an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. The application for spouse visa should be sponsored by an Australian resident spouse or de facto partner for a minimum of 2 years. The spouse visa/partner visa, can be applied either from within Australia or from India. Two applications need to be filed simultaneously – one for Temporary Visa and the other for Permanent Visa. Permanent Visa application gets processed after both the partners have lived together in Australia for 2 years. The sponsored spouse is eligible to live and work in Australia on the Temporary Visa. After having lived in Australia for 2 years with temporary spouse visa, the sponsored spouse will be entitled for Permanent Partner Visa after an assessment of eligibility. In some cases, the spouse visa can be granted even if the partner relationsh